‘MooseFest’ planning inaugural soap box derby

Press Release

With warm weather ahead, it’s time to rev up the power tools and start building because “MooseFest” is hosting its first-annual soap box derby on June 27.
In partnership with the Dryden Rec Complex, proceeds from the event will be donated to the youth centre.
This new festival event promotes families working together, the importance of having fun, and teaching kids basic skills of workmanship, as well as the importance of sportsmanship, commitment, and the perseverance to continue a project to completion.
This is a unique program that encourages close adult-youth activities while building and racing their gravity-powered car together.
The youth are encouraged to do as much of the work as their ability will permit. Spending quality time together and having fun is the most important part of this competition.
The soap box derby will be divided into two age divisions: 12 and under and 13-17 (divisions will be expanded next year depending on interest).
“MooseFest” is looking to host a pre-build workshop for those who like to attend and learn how to make a soap box car.
Full details of car requirements will be available at the community registration night or by contacting the “MooseFest” executive.
The entry fee is $50, but participants either find a company sponsor for their car or pledge sheets soon will be available.
Not every child has a parent who can assist them in the construction of their car. If you are skilled and would like to build and donate a car, “MooseFest” would assist in finding a child to race it on June 27.
“MooseFest” will be present at the 2009 community registration night at 6:30 p.m. at the centre with full information packages and registration details.
To sign up for the pre-build workshop, contact Devon at 1-807-221-2137 or via e-mail at dmiddy_83@hotmail.com
For more information on registration, donating a car, and soap box car requirements, contact Bill at 1-807-223-8458 or signalweather@shaw.ca