Mom seeks support to send daughter to Los Angeles convention

Merna Emara
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Jasmine Bruyere has been fundraising to send her daughter Jordynne Brown, 10, to the International Presentation of Performers (IPOP) convention in Los Angeles in January.
According to the IPOP convention, it promotes emerging talents to leading agents, managers, casting directors and music industry professionals. Bruyere said she has been sending her daughter’s dance videos ever since she was seven and finally heard back from the convention expressing interest in interviewing Brown.
“Her musical talents are amazing. She is an outdoors child. She loves her horses. She likes to play with animals in the farm,” Bruyere said. “She loves her goats. Jordynne is definitely an outside child. She likes to do all activities throughout the school year whether it is skiing, fishing or hiking. She’s an all-rounded girl.”
Bruyere said Brown went through four or five hours worth of interviews with over 23 agencies and she was up against 240 other children. Bruyere said she got the message that her daughter was accepted six hours after Brown had to prepare a one-minute monologue within a 24-hour deadline.
Bruyere said her 10-year-old daughter has been dancing, playing the piano and is currently taking vocal lessons.
“She gets to go down there and perform on stage in front of judges, cameras and audience,” Bruyere said. “She gets to see what it is like to get her hair and makeup done. She gets to meet actors and other children from all over the world who are being accepted to come to this convention. She will have the opportunity to interact with all these other people and to learn and see what it might be like.”
Bruyere added that during the last day there, there is a luncheon with agents so if Brown performs well throughout the week and somebody sees her, she has the potential of being signed with an agent.
“There will be hundreds of people down there and they will be able to look over Jordynne, her portfolio, her headshots, her performances and her background in music and she will have a chance to possibly be signed with an agent,” Bruyere said.
Bruyere said she needs about $6,000 to make it to L.A. and back. This includes fees, plane tickets, hotel accommodation for the week and food. Thus far, she said she has saved $2,100 and has been trying to fundraise to get the money needed.
Bruyere said it is most likely that COVID-19 will still be active in January, restricting travel to the United States. However, Bruyere said if this is the case, the convention will be pushed back for six months until July 2021, without her daughter losing her spot. Bruyere said everything has to be paid for by December 4, 2020.
“I did put a Go Fund Me page so people can donate as little as $10 to help me so I can get there. To get hold of me, they can email or text me if they are willing to donate money,” Bruyere said.
Even if Brown does not get signed with an agent, the experience will be a confidence booster, Bruyere added.
“This is so good for her self-esteem and for her as a person,” Bruyere said. “This will be a life-changing experience for her in general.”
Jasmine Bruyere’s email address is, or she can be reached by phone at 807- 271-3678.