Moffat funds divvied up to local recipients

A total of $50,000 was divided up among 13 local recipients Monday night at the Civic Centre as the town disbursed money from the Moffat Family Fund on behalf of the Winnipeg Foundation.
The recipient of the largest portion of this sum was the Robert Moore School Council, which got $7,300 for new playground equipment.
The local Salvation Army got $6,200 to continue delivering aid to the less fortunate while Fort Frances Youth Soccer received $6,000 to help pay for improvements at the St. Francis Sportsfields.
The other recipients this year included:
•Coming Together for Kids Coalition—$5,000 for its car seat donor program;
•Rainy River District Community Policing Committee—$4,000 for its “Fishing for Futures” program (where OPP officers take youth outdoors);
•Rainy River Watershed Program—$3,500 to help bring students to its 2007 ManOMin conference;
•Family and Children’s Services—$3,000 for a crafts/social recreation program for special needs children;
•Friends of Little League—$3,000 for equipment and to waive fees for kids who can’t afford registration to play baseball;
•Sunset Country Squash Club—$3,000 to develop a program for youth who can’t afford to play other, more expensive sports;
•Canadian Mental Health Association—$2,500;
•Rainy Lake Air Cadet Squadron—$2,500 to continue its programming;
•Fort Frances Meals on Wheels—$2,000 to continue its programming; and
•Valley Adult Learning Association—$2,000 for computer upgrades.
The cheques were handed out during Monday night’s council meeting by Linda Hamilton, chair of the local Moffat Fund selection committee, and committee member Mayor Dan Onichuk.
Individuals and organizations were invited last fall to submit their requests, including a specific dollar amount and the rationale behind the request, to the local committee.
A total of 30 applicants responded, requesting about $218,000 in funding in all.
The selection committee—also consisting of Fort Frances CAO Mark McCaig, Coun. Todd Hamilton, Salvation Army Capt. Angel Sandoval, and Shelly Shute—then had to pare those applicants down to a number that could split the $50,000 the town once again was allotted to give to local groups that benefit children, families, and the less advantaged.
This was the fourth time the town had received funding to do so.
Mayor Onichuk noted the committee will try harder next year to make sure applicants fully understand the criteria of the Moffat Fund—that it is to help underprivileged youths, families, and seniors.
He added most of applicants this year did not fall in those categories, which made the committee’s job fairly easy.