MNR fire ban lifted

With the weekend rains putting at least a temporary damper on the forest fire and grass fire scenes, the MInistry of Natural Resources has lifted the Restricted Fire Zone in the West Fire Region.
“It was lifted on Tuesday at midnight,” said Marnie Brown, MNR sector response officer with the Fort Frances Fire HQ.
“But we still ask that people be extremely cautious when having a shore lunch, for example,” she added.
Brown said the problem remains that there’s not been enough precipitation this spring, and despite the recent rain, smaller fuels, such as grass, quickly dry out and make for a potential hazard.
“There’s always a good possibility the Restricted Fire Zone will come back into effect,” she noted.
The restricted fire zone was declared across the region May 15.
There currently are no fires burning in the West Fire Region.
There’s been a total of 171 fires in the West Fire Region since April 1, consuming a total of 755.20 hectares.