Misty River Alternatives offers variety of products

Dave Ogilvie

Misty River Alternatives, housed in a small building midway down Front Street, has been running since March, 2006.
That’s when owners Mary and Naomi Martin purchased the stock, started up their business, and began offering their healthy alternatives to the people of Emo.
With the public’s increased interest in vitamins, supplements, and other healthy alternatives, the Martins’ timing was perfect.
Over the past few years, word of their business has spread across the district, with more and more people stopping by to check out what their little store has to offer.
The variety and number of the products the store sells is quite remarkable. Not only do they stock vitamins and supplements from most of the major producers, they also will place special orders.
“If the customer wants a product and it’s available, we will definitely order it in,” Naomi Martin enthused.
The Martins also offer a variety of gluten-free products, snacks, bread mixes, and several food items such as “dairy-free and gluten-free” mac and cheese.
For those who appreciate food made with natural ingredients, they also sell home-made bread and the locally-known Nighswander baking.
There also are some no-sugar products for people dealing with diabetes.
Misty River Alternative’s “Swiss” nutritional supplements, vitamins, and everything listed in their fall sale flyer will continue to be on sale during “Holly Daze” and as long as quantities last.
Other specialties of the store include natural body care products, eco-friendly detergents, specialty flour, grain, and pasta, herbal teas, natural alternative sweeteners, and soapnuts.
Soapnuts—the dried berry of the Ritha tree, native to India and Nepal—can be used in the laundry and to wash dishes, hair, hands, floors, etc., and are recommended for those with allergies, skin sensitivities, and eczema.
To increase the public’s awareness of healthy alternatives, the Martins’ store also contains a small but comprehensive library of books on subjects ranging from natural medicine to healthy cooking.
They are more than willing to lend these books out to customers who would like to increase their knowledge on the subject of healthy alternatives.
In their fall Misty River flyer, Mary and Naomi Martin also advertised the “Swiss” product website for anyone having a question about a specific health issue or about a certain “Swiss” product.
Anyone wishing to contact the company directly can do at www.routeofchange.ca
Customers who frequent Misty River Alternatives appreciate the friendliness, variety of products, and fair prices offered by the little store on Front Street.
The Martins are looking forward to their fifth anniversary this spring, so be sure to drop by the store during “Holly Daze” and check out their many healthy alternatives.