McKay takes crown at speech contest

Despite stiff competition, Crossroads student Keith McKay proved he could speak with the best them, taking top honours at the district speech contest last Tuesday at the Emo Legion.
His speech, “My Socks,” earned him first place while Ginna Faykes (Atikokan High School) took second place with her speech, “Suicide.”
Melanie Plett (J.W. Walker) snagged third, speaking on how “Life is Like a Bowl of Cherries.”
Trophies were given to the top three, and McKay also received a plaque to take back to Crossroads School in Devlin, where it will remain on display until next year’s contest.
All 13 participants–who also included Kaela Stradiotto (Atikokan), Eric Mosbeck (DYS), Erin Devlin (J.W. Walker), Erin Saj (Riverview), Steven Klem (Robert Moore), Julia Florek (Robert Moore), Sarah Busch (St. Francis), Tyson Dennis (St. Francis), Matthew Neilson (Sturgeon Creek), and Samatha Steele (Sturgeon Creek)–got medallions for their efforts.
“It went very well and [the participants] were all excellent,” said co-organizer Nancy Fretter. “The judges had a hard time judging with such good speakers.”
Ann Anderson, Mark Hyatt, and Wayne Barron were the judges while Hugh Syrja and June Winik asked questions.
Fretter also was pleased to see an unexpected number of parents and the public turn out to see the speakers.
“We set up for 100 spectators and we had to put out even more chairs,” she remarked.
The speech contest is for grade seven and eight students from public and separate schools across the district.