‘Marzie Days’ gets boost

Robin McCormick
Devlin correspondent

Many, many local residents in our small community (and the entire district) have volunteered, purchased and supported “Marzie Days.” This event has taken place the last seven years.

This year, “Marzie Days” has earned the title of “The Top RBC Cruisin’ Down the Crescent” fundraising team for Canada Life Team Marvellous. Maras’s team raised an incredible $12,000 at this year’s fundraiser event in Winnipeg and Canada Life is adding a matching $10,000 to help them exceed their fundraising goal.

As I mentioned, this is the seventh year “Marzie Days” has taken place.

Grandma and Grandpa Barb and Alf Redford started this to help their granddaughter, Marzie, raise money for a fundraiser walkathon that Marzie and her family would participate in.

The first “Marzie Days” started with about 150 plants on Barb’s deck being planted. That has grown to Barb planting 4,200 plants for this year’s “Marzie Days” held earlier this summer.

Barb has always loved plants and gardening. For years, she always “grew an abundance ” and gave them away. It was only natural she would sell plants.

That grew into a bake sale, plus burgers and snacks being sold at “Marzie Days.”

The Redfords are still in “awe” of the volunteers that have helped make this the huge success it has been.

She had so many names of friends and community people who have been there to help , she is still overwhelmed with the caring of people.

She did mention Alf and Trudy Badiuk have been with her from the first “Marzie Days.” Barb has seen the extreme amount of money required for the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation to give all children the best life possible.

Never did Barb think “Marzie Days” would be the top fundraiser of the year. Might I add over the last seven years over $52,000 has been raised.

Barb shared with me 2019 was her last year for this event. It’s an extreme amount of work. And I think just maybe a little tiring.

Not only does “RBC Cruisin’ Down The Crescent” send a huge thank you to the Redford and Raimondi family but the entire district is touched by your dedication and hard work to a cause (that touched ) your heart.

Although “Marzie Days” won’t be happening next year, it is definitely an event we will always remember!