‘Mamma Mia’ sequel to hit stage in August

Peggy Revell

For those who couldn’t get enough of last year’s summer production of “True Up North Mamma Mia,” don’t worry—a sequel is set to take to the Townshend Theatre stage Aug. 10-13.
“Just to come on out and enjoy, and have a lot of fun and sing with us, and just enjoy the moment,” encouraged Katherine Williams, who directed last year’s show as well as this year’s, which has been titled “True Up North Mamma Mia 2: The Saga Continues.”
Last year’s show was a localized version of the hit Broadway musical “Mamma Mia,” filled with the songs of ABBA.
It told the story of a soon-to-be-married young woman who invites the three men who are possibly her father to her wedding—and all of the antics that ensue.
This year’s show is a sequel taking place four months later, Williams explained.
“The [sequel] was written by our cast and it’s so fun, and so funny, and just so wonderful,” she enthused.
“There’s all sorts of storylines again,” Williams added. “It takes all that wonderful chemistry [and] just everything that you love about ‘Mamma Mia’ and puts it four months into the future.”
And for all you ABBA fans, most of the songs that were in last year’s production will be in this year’s again, she pledged.
“So for all those people that missed it and were complaining and saying that we needed to do it again, they get to hear a lot of their favourite songs.
“But for those people that have seen it already, it’s a new fresh story,” she reasoned.
Williams said what makes their production unique is that it incorporates local things into the actual production.
“So in this case, the whole story takes place at a fishing lodge,” she noted. “It’s all familiar, Reef Point is mentioned, Emo is mentioned, there’s all sorts of little things that make it ours.
“And I think that’s what people really like—the references to different businesses or just different landmarks and such.”
Williams said all of the main cast for this year’s performance is the same, with the exception of the role of “Sam,” which was played last year by John Dutton but this year will be played by Scott Downs.
“John had some other commitments, so he was unable to participate, but he’s helping us in the background, and then some of the supporting cast is different,” she explained.
And in putting together this year’s show, the troupe also had a lot of community support.
“We are grateful to Donald Young School and St. Michael’s School for the use of their facilities over the summer,” Williams said.
“Without that, we would have had a lot of—it would have been really interesting,” she remarked.
“[There’s] just a lot of people coming forward saying they want to help, and we’re grateful for that.
“It just makes it all so much easier to do something like this,” she stressed.
As well, money raised will go towards the youth participating in the production towards their schooling, Williams noted.
Last year’s performance drew rave reviews from the public, and every show was sold out.
“We had people that came back almost every day to see the show,” recalled Williams. “They’d come and see it one day and then come back the next and bring people.
“And even to this day when the cast members go downtown, or go somewhere, we’re getting accosted by people saying, ‘Are you guys going to do it again? What are you doing?
‘It’s too bad that you don’t do that again because it was so much fun.’
“They’re just very excited and thrilled—so it obviously had a big impact,” added Williams, noting the cast itself has become like a family.
“It’s just been such a wonderful experience,” she enthused.
Tickets for the show will go on sale starting Monday (July 26) at Northwoods Gallery & Gifts here.
The curtain rises at 7 p.m. for all four shows.