Local youth raises money for kids cancer foundation

Robin McCormick
Devlin correspondent

Sophie Potson Rittau, age 8, along with her parents Tiffany and Jon, set themselves a challenge in August. They embraced the Great Cycle Challenge to raise money for children across Canada that have been diagnosed with cancer.

There goal was to ride 100 kilometres and raise $200.00

I could hear the excitement and joy of accomplishment as she shared with me that she rode 107 kilometres and raised $501.00.

The family lives in Rainy River and the route they biked was around the community, over back roads. There were rides enjoying views of Rainy River and some days when rain or extreme heat prevailed Sophie would ride a stationary bike in her garage.

The family was extremely happy with the generous donations from people.

The Great Cycle Challenge started four years ago and has become one of the biggest cycling events in Canada. People from all ages and abilities join in, along with every province and territory. Funds raised go to SickKids Foundation.

Over the four years, more than $12,400,000 has been raised and a total of 10,000,000 Kilometres have been biked.

More than 1400 Canadian kids are diagnosed with cancer each year, and cancer is the largest killer of children by disease.

With all this vital information it’s easy to see why Sophie took on this important mission.

She proudly wears the shirt she earned for raising over $500.00 and when asked her favour part she answered without hesitation “raising money to help sick kids, and she would do it again.”

Congratulations Sophie on your great accomplishment!