Local racer wins on Northern Ontario circuit

Kyle Guba of Sudbury wasn’t about to let a little cut keep him from chasing the championship trophy.
Okay, it was a nasty cut, one that opened up his chin from side to side and eventually took 12 stitches to close, but that still didn’t stop him from racing in the Junior Division Quad Class final in the Northern Ontario moto-cross racing series—and coming away with the trophy.
“I overshot the landing on one of the double jumps and landed flat and hit my head on handle bars,” the 14-year-old Grade 9 student said. “But it was only in practice. I just taped my jaw shut and went out racing and ended up winning the race.
“I needed that one, so I felt I had to stick around,” he added. “I won by only five points.
“And it wasn’t that bad, just a little sore,” he said of his chin.
In the end, Guba felt withstanding a bit of pain was worth it.
“It was really close in the standings all year, so it felt good finishing first,” he said. “I broke an axle in one race, so I had to battle all year to get back up to the top. It was fun.”
Guba was able to celebrate victory with his friend, Sean Jewitt, who overcame some inexperience to win the pro 400 cc moto-cross division championship.
After winning the junior class, Guba automatically will jump to the pro class next year (2004)—and he’s already looking forward to the challenge.
“I just can’t wait to go pro class, it will be very competitive and lots of fun,” he said.
Racing has been a life-long love for Guba, and he can’t see it ever coming to an end.
“I’ve been doing it my whole life and always loved racing and jumping,” he enthused. “I have always been riding since I was five and have raced go-karts and snowmobiles, as well.
“But moto-cross is the best. I love it, always full throttle, all the time.”
This year, Guba, the grandson of Milt and Adelia Guba of Emo, collected five trophies—winning different events in the category.