Local NDP getting set for election

The Thunder Bay-Rainy River NDP riding association is in the early stages of preparing for the next federal election.
A nomination committee has been formed to seek out potential candidates to carry the party’s colours, and fundraising and membership drives have been successful so far.
“We had a successful fundraiser in Thunder Bay with [federal NDP leader] Jack Layton [in August] and membership recruitment is going well,” said David Shannon, president of the local riding association.
“The ducks are definitely getting in a row,” he added.
The association also is planning its annual general meeting in the coming weeks.
The federal office currently has a freeze on nomination meetings, so party members cannot yet vote for their candidate, but Shannon said this is a normal part of the process.
In the meantime, the nomination committee will look for interested candidates. Shannon said he has opted not to sit on the committee because he is considering seeking the nomination himself.
“I may be a candidate,” he remarked.
John Rafferty, the NDP candidate in the federal election last June, has said he also is considering running again.
“No one has officially come forward,” noted Shannon.
Rafferty recently moved to Fort Frances from Thunder Bay and is working as an NDP outreach person here.
While the current Liberal minority government has proved fairly stable so far, Rafferty predicted an election would be called before the end of this year.