Local 4-H’ers ‘go for the gold’

Eight district girls are out to prove they know all there is to know about 4-H when they head to Bruce Mines (near Sault Ste. Marie) for the regional “Go for the Gold” competition Saturday.
A sort of “Reach for the Top” in 4-H, it pits teams against each other in a knowledge quiz with questions based on any of the hundreds of projects in 4-H.
Stacey Angus, Rebecca Cornell, Angela Teeple, and Melinda Teeple make up one of the two district teams that will leave Friday at 5 a.m. for the competition. Beth Freeman, Amy Gill, Selene LeBlanc, and Laura Zimmerman make up the other one.
“I’ve never done anything like this before,” Gill said. “I’m a little nervous.”
“I guess I’m a little bit nervous,” echoed Cornell, who is the youngest member of the team at 11. She said she’s been practising for the event steadily for the past week or so.
“When I was setting the table, my mom was asking me questions and I was asking them,” she noted. “And another girl who’s in the same group [as me] at school, Nathalie Donaldson, she’s helping me, too.”
The competition will go all day Saturday in a round-robin format. Each game will consist of 32 questions prepared by 4-H leaders from across the province.
“I went before in ’92 and I would really like to go to the Royal [Winter Fair],” Angus said. “We lost really bad [last time] but we had tons of fun.”
Kim Jo Calder, a long-time leader with the Rainy River District 4-H Association, said the local girls will be facing only two other teams from northeastern Ontario at Bruce Mines.
“The winner goes on to the Royal Winter Fair and competes provincially at Toronto on Nov. 7,” Calder said.
“What would be really interesting if these guys won the semi-finals and compete each other,” added Cornell’s mother, Pat.
Not that there’s big pressure to win at “Go for the Gold.” LeBlanc said she wants to go because everyone who’s gone before said it was a great experience.
Gill said she wants to go because she liked helping the team out.
“It’s just a game,” Angela Teeple stressed. “If we lose, it’s all right because it’s just a game. If we win, we get to the Royal Fair, which is even better.”
While there may be no pressure to win, the confidence to take the gold was evident when the girls were asked, “Do you think you’ll win?”
“Of course,” said Gill.
“Oh yeah,” echoed LeBlanc.
“We’re good to go,” noted Angus.