Livestock expert to speak in district

The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association will be holding an information meeting tomorrow (Nov. 20) in Stratton and all district farmers are welcome to attend.
Guest speaker will be Barry Potter, a livestock specialist with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food who works out of the New Liskeard research station.
Potter will be making a presentation on new developments in livestock breeding technology as well as an information package from the ministry to help farmers deal with the lingering effects of the “mad cow” crisis.
“We [OMAF] have prepared an information package to advise farmers on livestock management in light of the current situation,” Potter said last week from his office in New Liskeard.
In addition, Potter will make a presentation on the results of the latest studies in breeding synchronization in beef and dairy cows.
“It’s going to be an estro-synchronization seminar,” he explained. “We have developed a new technique called CIDR [controlled inter-vaginal drug release] that enables the farmers to modulate the breeding cycle and bring all his cows into heat at the same time.”
The technique, said Potter, should be of special interest to farmers in Rainy River District since many of them practice artificial insemination, but it is just as effective when bulls are available.
“Normally a cow comes into heat about 45 days after giving birth, but with this technique, that process can be halted or delayed until it is convenient for breeding,” he remarked.
“That way, all the cows will be in heat and give birth at the same time.”
Potter also will discuss new vaccines that are coming online as well as strategies for marketing cull cows and calves.
The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. in the Morley municipal office (Stratton). Coffee and doughnuts will be served.