Lions Club needs volunteers

For almost 20 years, the Emo Lions Club has served residents of the central part of Rainy River District, having contributed funds to many organizations and families in need of financial assistance.
The club also has beautified the Emo waterfront with the Lions Park as well as raised a substantial contribution to the “Care Close to Home” fundraising campaign.
However, the past few years have seen a steady decline in membership, and they now have reached the point where the very existence of the club is in jeopardy.
New members are needed who are willing to make a positive contribution to their community. The motto of the International Association of Lions Club is simply “We Serve.”
If you are willing to help the Emo Lions Club continue to serve the community, contact one of the following members as soon as possible—Bob Dimit (482-2737), Larry Jack (482-2579), or Wayne Barron (487-2665).