Lightning sparks fires


FireRangers and air attack were dispatched to a fire north of Sapawe on Saturday.
The Ministry of Natural Resources reported their timely response kept that fire to just 3.0 hectares in size.
This lightning-caused blaze, Fort Frances Fire #42, was located about 10 km east of Premier Lake and three km north of Lizard Lake.
It was classed as “being held” at last report.
Also confirmed Saturday was a new lightning-caused fire in Quetico Provincial Park.
Fort Frances Fire #43 continues to be monitored there, along with four other blazes.
Seven new fires were confirmed in the West Fire Region yesterday, including six in Red Lake District and one in Sioux Lookout District.
There were 73 active fires in the region as of yesterday evening, covering 72,166.8 ha. Most of these are in the Red Lake and Sioux Lookout districts.
There have been 483 blazes since the fire season officially began April 1, having charred up 73,847.1 ha in total.
In related news, FireRangers from Minnesota boarded a bus yesterday to travel home as the skies darkened, thunder rumbled, and rain poured in Dryden.
Also returning home were two CL-415 waterbombers that were on loan from Quebec.
FireRangers from New Brunswick and Saskatchewan continue to fight fires alongside Ontario FireRangers spread across the region.