Liberal delegates named

The results of the delegate selection in the Thunder Bay-Rainy River Liberal Riding Association have been released and seven of them will be supporting Ken Dryden for the party leadership.
Henry and Margaret Cunningham, Lisa Lampi, and Cecil Leif of Atikokan are Dryden supporters, as are Matthew Gamsby, a youth delegate from Stratton, and Charla Robinson and Wayne Tocheri of Thunder Bay.
David Shannon and Stephen Wojciechowski have declared their support for Bob Rae while Janice Tucker of Fort Frances will support Michael Ignatieff.
Mark Lucas will support Stéphane Dion’s bid for the leadership while Sabrina Del Ben will support Gerard Kennedy.
Also attending the Liberal leadership convention in Montreal from Nov. 28-Dec. 2 will be Gary Lipinski and Dana O’Donnell of Fort Frances, who have been elected as aboriginal delegates.