LeBlanc wins prestigious award

Rainy River District 4–H’ers had plenty to be proud of in 1999 and that fact shone through at the annual awards banquet last Friday evening in Emo.
In addition to the usual awards, there were several notable achievements of provincial distinction.
Simone LeBlanc of Barwick, a long-time 4–H member and youth leader last year, took home the prestigious Amber Underwood Award, presented by the Ontario 4–H Council.
LeBlanc, among 2,269 eligible 4–H members who could apply for it, submitted an essay about farming life in Rainy River District that looked at the present and future of the industry.
Ellen Chojko-Bolec of Arbor Vitae, a member of the Ontario 4–H Council, said this is the first time anyone west of Sault Ste. Marie has won this award.
LeBlanc accepted a cash award and Chojko-Bolec read the essay aloud.
Meanwhile, Kerry Hyatt captured the DeGagne Award, which is given to the Calf Club member who accumulated the greatest number of points over the past three years.
It was presented by Dana Siemens of DeGagne Equipment.
The Rainy River Veterinary Services Award, presented to the 4–H member with the highest score for the year, went to Jen Sletmoen and Stacy Angus for 1999 (tie).
And the R.R. 4–H Leaders’ Association and the Toronto Dominion Bank Award was won by Laura Zimmerman.
Jay Neilson (junior) and Jock Gemmell (senior) won the 4–H Project Book Awards for ’99–only the second year this honour has been bestowed on members.
Peggy Dorie said all the leaders pick the best book from their club. It is a general membership book and records all activities by that member in that particular club.
Dorie noted member of any club can win this award, which broadens the focus of the banquet (which often focuses more on beef).
Other awards handed out at Friday’s banquet included:
< *c>Breed Awards
< *c>Angus (Red & Black)
Erika Boersema, Adam Forster, Jodie Hoskins, Allen Hunsperger, J.J. Hunsperger, Brock Parisien, and Terry Richards.
< *c>Charolais
Jacob Boettcher, Sean Forster, Kerry Hyatt, Jeff Hyatt, Jay Neilson, Matt Neilson, Clayton Teeple, and Melinda Teeple.
< *c>Gelbvieh
Angela Teeple, Pamela Teeple, and Tiffany Whitefish.
< *c>Hereford
Stacey Angus, Mark Brown, Kevin Gemmell, Shawn Hartnell, Aaron Kuorikoski, and Candace Wiersema.
< *c>Limousin
Jodie Allan, Courtney Calder, David Gemmell, Greg Haglin, Jeff LaFleur, Katelyn Nielson, and Joe Sletmoen.
< *c>Simmental
Andrea LaFleur, Bill Teeple, Sheila Teeple, Jeff Teeple, Laura Zimmerman, Linda Zimmerman, and Sarah Truelove.
< *c>Novice Showman
Jodie Allan, Erika Boersema, Jacob Boettcher, Adam Forster, Sean Forster, Shawn Hartnell, Jodie Hoskins, Allen Hunsperger, Jeff Hyatt, Jay Neilson, Katelyn Nielson, Brock Parisien, and Tiffany Whitefish.
< *c>Special Awards
< *c>Six projects
Brianna Ewald, Kevin Gemmell, Jock Gemmell, Amy Gill, Tina Hyatt, Kerry Hyatt, Starr King, Aaron Kuorikoski, Jennifer Sletmoen. and Stephanie Wright.
< *c>12 projects
Clayton Teeple
< *c>18 projects
Candace Wiersema, Linda Zimmerman, Laura Zimmerman, and Celine LeBlanc.
< *c>24 projects
Nicole Sinninghe, Angela Teeple, Pamela Teeple, Melinda Teeple, and Laura Zimmerman.
All first-time 4–H members received certificates, which included Kris Advent, Courtney Beadle, Erika Boersema, Jacob Boettcher, Keshia Brigham, Megan Canfield, Laura Darby, Adam Forster, Sean Forster, Matthew Gallinger, and Murray Gallinger.
Others were Lacy Gill, Aimee Hatfield, Jodie Hoskins, Allen Hunsperger, Shane Ikert, Ashlyn Jewell, Kyle Jewett, Leeanne Kaemingh, Carrissa Makarchuk, Erica McKay, Matt McQuaker, Karen Mercure, and Susan Mercure.
Rounding out the group were Jay Neilson, Katelyn Nielson, Athena Pirkl, Matthew Sawatzky, Angela Shoemaker, and Krista Wood.
First-year leader pins were presented to Pam Advent, Tracy Hyatt, Lori McKay, Kathy Mercure, and Wilma Sletmoen.
Leaders’ certificates were handed out to Marie Sinninghe (five years),
Kim Jo Calder and Susan Irvine (10 years), and Ellen Chojko-Bolec and Eleanor Wiersema (20 years).
A skating party followed the banquet at the Emo arena.