Knox to showcase local talent

Knox United Church in Emo is very excited to be showcasing once again the talent of our many local residents. This event is entitled “Coffee, Tea, and Melody,” and will include not only talented musicians and vocalists but also a silent auction.
Everyone is welcome to attend the evening’s event, which will be held Saturday, Nov. 26 from 7-9:30 p.m. The cost is $6 for adults and $3 for children aged six-12 (those five and under are free).
This is an event the entire family can enjoy!
• • •
St. Patrick’s Church in Emo will be holding a fall supper, featuring turkey, meatballs, potatoes, veggies, salad, and all the trimmings, this Sunday (Nov. 20) at 5 p.m.
Tickets will be available at the door at a cost of $10 for adults and $5 for youngsters aged 10-15 (those nine and under will be admitted free).
If anyone has any questions, contact Frances Grant (482-2582) or Mary Hyatt (486-3791).
Everyone is invited to enjoy this turkey dinner and help support St. Patrick’s Church.
• • •
The Friends of the Emo Public Library now have tickets on sale for their holiday package.
First prize is a $100 gift certificate donated by Cloverleaf Shop Easy, second prize is a beautiful quilt hand made and donated by Pat Busch of Devlin, while third prize consists of hot chocolate, two mugs, and a candle to help you relax.
And, of course, what would hot chocolate be without some marshmallows—all nicely-wrapped in a basket.
These items are on display in the window of Gillons’ Insurance office on Front Street here in Emo.
Tickets can be purchased at Gillons’, Cloverleaf, the Emo Public Library, and many other area locations. Funds raised from this event will be used for new furniture at the library.
To date, the group has purchased a shelf of DVD movies that can be loaned out to its members, a shelf of western novels, a shelf of young adult novels, a set of encyclopedias, two reading chairs for children (these are a huge hit), and most recently the new sign located in front of the building.
Anyone interested in joining this group is asked to leave their name and number at the library.
• • •
Everyone is reminded a ’flu shot clinic will be held tomorrow (Nov. 17) at  Donald Young School.
• • •
The Borderland Community Orchestra will be performing an evening of Christmas carols and a sing-along on Friday, Dec. 2 in conjunction with “Holly Daze.”
This is an event for everyone to enjoy, with all proceeds going to the DYS school play. More information on this will follow next week.
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Did you know?
A violin has to be constructed to withstand the strong downward force exerted by its four strings on the bridge, which can amount to as much as 17 pounds (7.7 kg).
Modern clarinets typically are made of ebony (sometimes plastic), and have 20 or more side holes to produce different pitches. Some are open, to be closed by the player’s fingers, while others are covered by padded keys.
The clarinet was invented around 1700 by the German flute-maker, Johann Christoph Denner, as a modification of a folk reedpipe, the chalumeau.
A piccolo is a small orchestral flute pitched an octave above a regular flute. It is the highest-pitched woodwind instrument used in orchestras and military bands.