Kids’ reading program wraps up

The “Read Around the World” kids’ reading program has wrapped up for this summer.
Under the leadership of Christine Schulzki, a summer student at the Emo Public Library, the program was enthusiastically supported by the children and their parents.
Krista Emond, nine, was tops with 74 books read, noted EPL head librarian Shirley Sheppard in announcing the winners.
Heidi Emond, 10, was second with 48 books read, followed by Andre Emond, seven (45), Mackenzie Demchuk, eight (30), and Max Williams, five (25).
Finishing sixth through 13th were Halle Demchuk, six (18), Richard Schulzki, 11 (16), Marissa Kinnear, seven (14), Tasha Kinnear, nine (13), Sarah Hoskins, 11 (nine), Josh Zimmerman, 10 (seven), Katheryn Abbott, seven (four), and Daniel and Rachel Cunningham, aged nine and seven, respectively (three each).
The EPL congratulates everyone who had taken part in the summer reading program and hopes to see you all in 2003!
Christine Schulzki, who won the Piano Rose Bowl and the Dallman Award at the Rainy River Festival of the Performing Arts back in April, is returning to Fort Frances High School to continue her education.