Kids learn about rail safety

CN Rail Cst. Peter LeDrew and CN employee Don Marquis, who recently was honoured for exceptional service in his involvement with “Operation Lifesaver” for the last 10 years, were at Donald Young School in Emo on Monday morning to promote railway safety to the Grade 1/2 class.
Cst. LeDrew spoke on various safety measures people must take around trains and tracks, and then showed a video presentation on the subject.
The children were warned not to put objects on tracks or throw objects against trains rolling by, to stand safely away from railway tracks, and to never crawl between or underneath rail cars.
They also were told never to enter empty boxcars. If the doors should lock, you can freeze in the winter time and smother in the summer.
Other safety reminders included not walking on rail bridges and to be alert at all train crossings.
Sometimes, their curiosity of children gets the better of them and often they stray into areas that may be dangerous. Railway property is a prime example.
A 10,000-tonne train cannot stop as quickly as a family car, noted Cst. LeDrew, who also noted a string of railway cars may be stopped at one moment and moving the next.
What may seem to be harmless play can cost lives or cause serious injury, he warned.
The activity book distributed to the students is part of Operation Lifesaver’s anti-trespassing program.
It is designed to warn children of the dangers of trespassing on railway property and tampering with railway equipment.
Canada’s railways are doing their best to maintain their record as being among the safest in the world. But they cannot do this without your help in delivering the safety message to our children.
Let’s keep safety our first priority.