Keeping families safe from fire

By Jack Elliott
Rainy River correspondent

Nothing can be more important than keeping one’s family safe from the catastrophic devastation a home fire can deliver. It is one of the reasons the West Rainy River District Lions Club has a ready supply of Emergency Care Baskets on hand that are delivered to victims of catastrophes in the immediate aftermath of tragic events like a home fire.

Perhaps even more important is helping to prevent such events by educating family members on fire safety. The WRRD Lions was pleased to support the Community Safety Net and local Municipal Fire Departments in the Westend of the Rainy River District by sponsoring the production of the Fire Safety Handbook that has been distributed to every child in Grade 2 and 3 of the elementary schools in our area. The book is full of tips and information in a entertaining format about being prepared and staying safe from fire. It is directed specifically at younger family members.

If it helps prevent tragedy for even one family, it is a great investment.

The $3000.00 donation towards the production of this Fire Safety Handbook by the Community Safety Net is just one of the many charitable community causes the WRRD Lions support with the proceeds from its fund raising activities. WRRD Lions donates 100% of the profits from their fund raisers to similar community charitable events.

Telford Advent (c) Director, WRRD Lions presented a cheque of $3,000.00 to local Municipal Fire Departments. On hand to accept the donation were Representatives of Dawson, Chief Randy Asselin (l) and Morley Chief, Ken Haw (r). This donation will help fund the costs of producing the Children’s Fire Safety Handbook.