KBHW starts ‘Sharathon’ planning

“Sharathon” preparations are beginning around KBHW, station manager Bruce Christopherson said, although they are still more than two months from their annual support event.
First, KBHW will have to do a budget forecast for the next fiscal year and with that its “Sharathon” goal.
“Although I know the goal will be near a quarter-million dollars, as it has been the last several years,” noted Christopherson, adding KBHW must receive listener gifts of this amount during the year to pay the bills.
If there is any shortfall, a “Mini-Sharathon” is held later in the year.
“For over 50 years, God has provided for our financial needs,” Christopherson said, and they fully expect Him to continue to do so whether they reach their “Sharathon” target.
“There is no defeat or embarrassment in not reaching the number we have set for ‘Sharathon,’” he continued. “KBHW knows God is faithful to supply.”
Meanwhile, big changes are afoot in KBHW’s translator ministry. It has received modification of its FCC licence that will allow the station to maintain translators.
For several years, it has been unable to have any part in the ministry of translators. As a result, those listening to them have experienced many problems.
Over the next few weeks, KBHW will be working to determine what needs to be done at each location, priorize their efforts, and begin work.
One of the first orders of business will be to pay off the translator debt, and formally transfer ownership of certain translators. Although KBHW is excited about the improvements possible by these changes, it also is aware its costs will be increased.
Anyone interested in KBHW’s specific translator plans can contact Christopherson at 1-218-285-7398.