KBHW ‘Sharathon’ coming up

KBHW in International Falls is in the midst of hosting its annual summer “Sharathon,” which began yesterday (Aug. 13) and runs through tomorrow (Aug. 15).
All programming is being pre-empted from 6 a.m.-10 p.m. to accommodate the fundraiser as KBHW calls on its listeners for help in bringing the Good News to the airwaves.
“There will be some local pastors and special guests from the listening area sharing their heart about what God is doing in their lives and the importance of Christian radio in northern Minnesota and Northwestern Ontario,” noted station manager Bruce Christopherson.
“These are exciting times we are living in,” he added, saying God is moving amongst his people and you don’t want to miss hearing all about it through KBHW.
The act of making a “faith promise” serves both KBHW and your family. You are standing up in the crowd and extending your hand to KBHW, essentially saying to the staff, “We are with you.”
In related news, there will be a change in chairs at KBHW as Susie Langie moves from the afternoon drive shift to the mid-day one. The next change will be a new voice joining the staff in Luke White, a recent graduate of Northwestern College in St. Paul.
He received his degree in Broadcasting and Electronic Media, and the Bible. He also had worked with the Minnesota Family Council for a year as wditor of its syndicated radio program.
Before the above mid-day slot was filled, Diane Otto had filled in there. She also has served as part-time secretary when required.
Meanwhile, a concert of worship with Annie Herring is coming to the Evangelical Covenant Church in International Falls on Sept. 27-28.