Human-caused fires rise


With more recreational activity taking place in the bush, several fires caused by humans have popped up recently.
Kenora Fire #118 was reported yesterday—a human-caused fire which was “under control” at 0.1 hectares at last report.
Meanwhile, Dryden Fire #55, a human-caused fire first confirmed Saturday, was “being held” at 1.6 ha in size.
The forest fire hazard remains “high” across most of the Northwest Region.
People are reminded to manage all outdoor fires safely, do not leave campfires unattended, and make sure they are dead out before leaving the site.
A spate of new fires was reported in the Northwest Region by early evening Friday.
The causes of the fires were both lightning and human, and were located in the districts of Fort Frances, Nipigon, and Thunder Bay.
With the exception of Nipigon Fire #116, all of these are now “out.”
There currently is 26 active fires across the region, most of which are classed as being “observed.”
To date, there have been 652 fires in the region, charring 97,699.7 ha in total.
In related news, there continues to be 33 Ontario personnel assisting in firefighting efforts in Alberta, including one agency representative, 12 overhead staff, and 20 FireRangers.
Some staff are assigned to fires while the rest are on alert for initial attack on fires.