High-speed Internet access pushed back

Promised high-speed Internet access to be rolled out here by 807 Northwest Network has been pushed back from this fall to early next year.
The broadband network, which is being set up with the help of federal and provincial funding, originally was expected to be in Fort Frances as early as Oct. 1.
But that now has been delayed by problems, including complaints from one landowner about the proximity of a “loop” tower.
Originally initiated to provide broadband access to the public sector here, some businesses have been complaining about a lack of access for the private sector.
But the private sector will have equal footing with hospitals, schools, and other government institutions, an 807 Northwest Network spokesperson stressed.
“Yeah, absolutely they will,” said Marketing and Customer Relationship manager Cathe Hoszowski. “I’m not sure where they’re getting the idea they won’t have access.
“They’ll have access the same way anybody else will,” she added.
But no one in the private or public sector will be able to access the broadband network until an investor takes on the role of the local provider–a role that requires an initial investment and for which, to date, no one has stepped up to the plate.
“I’m assuming it’s going to be your cable company there or hydro company,” said Hoszowski.
Even when that bridge is crossed, local Internet technicians and providers also are concerned the speed offered won’t even be close to that offered in southeastern Ontario cities–the goal both levels of government had hoped to achieve.
“The two levels of government have decided that the rural and northern communities need broadband access that is available in larger cities,” said Hoszowski.