Herb Johnson profile

Herb Johnson is running for the position of councillor in Emo.
Born and raised in Emo, he has been active in the community along with his wife, Peggy, of 27 years and their two children. He feels Emo is a great community to raise a family.
Their daughter, Lainie, teaches Grade 8 in Markham, Ont. and has received the North Star Award from the York School Board for outstanding teacher.
Their son, Rob, and wife, Karen, reside in Calgary, where he is an aviation technician and currently working on a contract in the Philippines. When asked where they are from, they are proud to say a small town in Northwestern Ontario called Emo!
Johnson is committed to the town and wishes to contribute to its betterment. He has no hidden agendas and will be there for all of the taxpayers.
He believes everyone should be treated the same, with no preferential treatment.
As indicated by the number of candidates running, there is a general consensus that it is time for change.
He understands municipal business is public business—all taxpayers should be aware of what decisions are being made on their behalf.
Every taxpayer should have the same opportunity to apply for any work that becomes available in our municipality, and these positions or contracts should be advertised.
Because of Johnson’s ongoing involvement in the community, he is aware of the current strengths and needs of the town. To him, actions speak louder than words.
Through council, he wants the concerns to be heard and addressed.