Health unit wants equity

Press Release

The Northwestern Health Unit is launching its new “Health Equity Matters” campaign this month.
The purpose of the campaign is to highlight the root causes of poor health and empower people and communities to improve health equity in our region.
Health equity means that everyone has what they need to reach their best health.
Health is greatly influenced by the economic, social, and physical factors where we live, learn, work, and play. These are called the social determinants of health.
This campaign will focus attention on why health equity is not just a public health issue but a public issue that everyone should care about, with very real effects on the health of our communities and community members through factors such as income, housing, and education.
“In order to improve the health of people in our region, work must be done to address these key factors that can contribute to poor health,” said Dr. Kit Young-Hoon, Medical Officer of Health at the Northwestern Health Unit.
The two-year campaign aims to inform people about the social determinants of health and what can be done to help ensure everyone has access to what they need to stay healthy.
Addressing health equity is a new requirement in the Ontario Public Health Standards and a priority in the health unit’s 2017-2020 strategic plan.
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