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As part of the journey to crowning night, the Emo Fair Queen contestants present a Letter to the editor, about a subject they’re passionate about. The submissions are then

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More than “just” a teacher

By Rilee Armstrong

“Behind every dancer who believes in themselves is a teacher who believed in them first!” This quote stands so true to me. There are never going to be enough words to express how thankful I am for everything my dance teacher has done for me and the many other determined students she has taught for the past 25 years. The countless hours and dedication shown to us, and how her dedication to the sport has provided the inspiration and motivation to achieve not only greatness within dance on a competitive level but within myself as a person. I have grown and developed into the strong, confident, and independent woman I am becoming because I am continually taught to hold my head high and yes, “dance like no one is watching”. The power of this freedom I feel is liberating and I will carry it with me long after I graduate. I have learned it is okay to fail and fail again, and if something isn’t working there’s another solution. I’ve learned patience and discipline and I know that the greatest victories come after the toughest battles. I’ve learned how to be a leader; to aspire and inspire always and to never give up on people. I’ve learned to earn respect and ask for respect in return. Last but not least, I’ve learned that blood does not define a family – my dance team is a huge part of my life and I have many solid friendships because of it. I encourage everyone to find a passion and hold onto every life lesson that comes from those important role models, and teachers who do more than “just” teach – they believe in you too.

The Importance of Mental Health 

By Tatum Martin

According to the World Health Organization, it is estimated that 1 in 7 10-19 year olds experience a mental health disorder. Depression, anxiety and behavioural disorders are the leading causes of mental health illnesses. I am passionate about the importance of mental health. When I graduate high school I plan to go away to school to become a psychiatrist. This past year in high school I have dealt with an issue that has been hard on my mental health, but I have learned so many lessons along the way. I took a step back and learned that I needed to make decisions for myself that would benefit my mental wellbeing. Mental health is really important to me as it has various effects on the way you think, feel, and act. After Covid hit it has made a huge impact on teenagers mental health and social life. This pandemic has raised the increasing symptoms shown for anxiety and depression in teenagers. Each day I think of the positive aspects in life and focus on looking forward to the activities that make me happy!  Whether this means looking forward to getting my hair done, hanging out with some friends, or even going for a simple walk can change my mood. Some of my goals In life are to become successful, happy, and to make other people around me happy as well. One thing that I am going to do to reach this goal is to graduate university and become a psychiatrist, as this is a contributor to one of the ways I can continue to help people feel good about their lives. My advice is to always remember that your mental health is very important. If you are struggling, reaching out to someone you trust is always a great option if you feel like you are needing help. Never be ashamed to reach out when you are struggling, as there is always someone who will help guide you and get the support that you need.

Medicine in Rural Areas

By Isabelle Meeks

From the depths of my earliest memories, a strong passion for medicine has surged within me. I have had an unprecedented desire to go into the field of surgery, and create a meaningful impact for as many people as possible. The pursuit of this dream will create a force that can propel me towards the start of an initiative to revolutionize medicine in rural areas. When questioned about my future specialty in surgery, I am able to answer with absolute certainty, which is orthopaedics. The idea of diving into this field and working with the musculoskeletal system and restoring mobility, fills me with an inexpressible amount of fulfilment. As I begin this journey, I have grand visions for the future. My dream includes pioneering the rural landscape of medicine in Northwestern Ontario, where top-of-the-line healthcare is limited. To innovate new projects and bridge the gap between urban medicine and the needs of rural communities is something that needs to happen as soon as possible. With this information, my end goal is to create a Northern hub for medicine, a sanctuary of healing that’s main focus is to provide those in areas where healthcare is inaccessible or lack-of, everything they would need medically. Remote areas and rural communities will no longer face the great distance and uncomfortableness of something so far off from what they are used to. For those on reserves, this hub will provide a culturally sensitive environment where beliefs are understood, and care is administered with the utmost respect. With like-minded people who have the same passion as I, and the support of the communities within Northwestern Ontario, a path towards more inclusive and accessible health care is possible. I constantly search for opportunities where I can gain information, as every interaction is incredibly valuable.

The Importance of Sports

By Kali Tessier

“Sports do not build character, they reveal it.” Sports are so much more than just a game where we kick a ball with our feet, shoot a puck off a stick or spike a ball. They are a demonstration of a person’s dedication, teamwork and self discipline. The coaches we have and the people we meet, teach us valuable life lessons. Athletes learn to set goals and work towards achieving them. Without practice and preparation, these goals are incredibly hard to pull off. Without practice you will be defeated. Defeat has to be the most difficult thing to ever get out of. Most athletes get stuck in a ‘rut’ and have a very hard time getting out of it. If you manage to get past the defeat, you will probably end up loving the sport more than you ever thought was possible. Falling in love with a sport is a totally different type of love. It’s not just about the game, but about the passion, the dedication and the thrill of competition. The experience of falling in love with a sport is just so unique. An athlete’s passion can only grow the more interested they become in their sport. You start to play that sport everyday and say things like “just five more minutes” and just like that, five more minutes becomes five more years. When an athlete deeply loves a sport they start to develop a sense of discipline. They start sticking to certain meal and workout plans, while working tirelessly to improve. Teamwork is one of the biggest and most important parts of sports. It doesn’t matter if it’s an individual or team sport, you still have a team that is cheering you on. If it is a team sport, you will develop unbreakable bonds with your teammates. At the end of the day, athletes will feel so accomplished when their goals are finally achieved. The satisfaction when a goal is finally achieved is like a breath of fresh air. One day the things you work so hard to achieve will all be complete and those sports will slowly come to an end. The end of an era.