Guba retires from Cloverleaf

“I came in without a fuss and I want to go out the same way,” said Adelia Guba. No balloons, nothing other than goodbye.
On Tuesday, March 31, after her regular eight-hour shift, Guba left Cloverleaf Grocery with no regrets, bringing to an end 32 years of dedicated, faithful service.
“It was time for the retirement,” Dan Loney said when I spoke to him about her leaving.
“She had accomplished much with us, she deserves respect,” he added. “There is nothing she did not know about the grocery business in general. She had worked every department [and] knew where everything was.
“The customer knew quite well they would get respect and courteous service,” he noted.
Loney said Guba did not send the customer over to the location of a product. Instead, she went and got it and brought it right to you!
It was back in the era of Lawrence Loney that Guba started working at Cloverleaf, replacing Shirley Morphet when she resigned and the family moved to Montreal to work at Welcome Hall Mission.
At that time, Iris Draper, Lawrence Loney, David and Bill Loney, and Marvel Bullied were joined by the present staff, Shauna Allen, Betty Wilson, June Wheatley, Shirley Allen, Mark and Dan Loney, Brad Hands, John Redford and Joanne Loney, Bill Sylvester and daughter, Ann Edwards, Michelle Lauzon, and Glenda Grennier.
The most noticeable change over the years was technology, when everything went on computer. Expansion over the 32 years also brought in new business, adding the bakery shop followed by Cake Walk.
There was also the change to “no name” products. Being competitive was the name of the game.
Guba attends Calvary Baptist Church, where she is chair of the communion committee. She also is a member of the Legion Ladies Auxiliary Br. #99 at Emo.
She enjoys working with her hands, and makes many items for family members (knitted and crocheted).
Her home on Robert Street is a special place since it always is open to family members and friends who gather to visit. There will be more open time for this now that she’s retired, as well as for her entertainment hours at Queen Street Manor and the Legion Wednesday games.
And with retirement will come more visits with family members in Minneapolis, Sudbury, Calgary, Vancouver, Barrie, and Baudette/Williams, as well as planning long overdue trips together with her husband, Milt.