Grandparents thankful for ‘miracle’

Are miracles for real! They do happen.
The best present we, as a family, could have asked for was the recovery to full health of our newest grandchild, Christopher Paul Guba, who was born prematurely at the Dickenson Medical Centre on Sunday, June 15, 1997.
A few days after his birth, my son, Wayne, phoned to tell us that Christopher was having breathing difficulties and might possibly be transferred from Dickenson to Bismarck Memorial Medical Center accompanied by a doctor and nurse.
My wife and I immediately left for Dickenson, N.D., arriving there around midnight after an 11-hour drive.
Wayne and his wife, Leanne, were at the hospital, where little Christopher was still having difficulties although he was in stable condition. The following day, as expected, he was transferred by land ambulance to Bismarck Memorial Medical Center with complications.
We left for Bismarck, where we found Christopher on a respiratory system but stabilized. Specialists assured us that he would make a full recovery but would have to remain in hospital for at least six weeks.
Christopher slowly responded and finally was disconnected from the respiratory system completely. The family returned home shortly afterwards.
This blessing to share little Christopher for a longer period in our lives was the best Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter gift we have been given.