Gerd O’Sullivan profile

Gerd O’Sullivan is vying for a position as councillor in the Township of Emo.
She is retired and has two daughters, two sons, and seven grandchildren.
Gerd has lived in Emo for more than 30 years. In that time, she has worked in the community and served on numerous boards and committees, ranging from health care, emergency planning, domestic violence, and group homes, and as a volunteer for the OPP.
Being retired, she now has the time and wide experience to be a valuable addition to the Emo council.
O’Sullivan’s family has served the community for many years and she would like to continue to do so and give back to the community, which always has been very welcoming, kind, and generous to her family.
She feels as a small community, council must become progressive in its planning and be proactive, not reactive. Long-range planning is essential to attract business, expand the tax base, and improve the community.
In addition, O’Sullivan believes council should be looking for ways to improve the health of the citizens; such as encouraging and enabling physical activity for the whole family.
She knows municipal politicians must be open and accountable for their actions, and must be responsible to the taxpayers for fiscal policies.