GEMS hold achievement night

The Calvinette GEMS’ held their achievement evening Tuesday at the Emo Christian Reformed Church.
With pianist Cora Van Smeerdyk at the keyboard, the procession commenced. The girls, carrying colourful balloons, marched to their seats, each dressed in white/blue apparel with blue kerchiefs containing achievement badges they have earned during their years as club members.
Head counsellor Helen Cates, a 15-year veteran with the GEMS, welcomed the guests and led the opening prayer. The girls then recited the Aims Memory verse, with each group contributing to the Chrismon Tree Litany, “Come Celebrate the King.”
The advanced group explained the theme and text of the Calvinette GEMS, which stands for Girls Everywhere Meeting the Saviour.
Then the presentation of achievement badges earned by the GEMS this past term was made Ynske Kaemingh (Learners), Cindy Kaemingh (Achievers), Geneva Veldhuisen (Adventurers), Gail Krikke (Seekers), Wilma Esselink (Explorers), Michelle Marinaro (Discoverers), and Cates (Advanced).
Songs presented by the GEMS during the program included “Come Celebrate,” “Shout to the Lord,” “Father I Adore You,” “Awesome God,” and “For God So Loved the World.”
Afterwards, everyone was invited to join the GEMS in the fellowship hall for refreshments.
Special thanks to Carol Kaemingh, Cora Van Smeerdyk, and Geneva Veldhuisen (music), Kristine Kaemingh and Lori-Ann Shortreed (crafts), Wilma Esselink (photo presentation), Helen Crans, Kathy Kaemingh, and Angel Baker (volunteers), Francine Krikke (banner design), and the church family for supplying refreshments.
GEMS Sunday was held May 3, with each group participating in the worship service. Their windup party is planned for June.
The GEMS Girls’ Clubs/Calvinettes are celebrating 40 years of ministry, a dream that came closer to reality in 1957 when a committee was formed to organize a girls’ club.
In 1958, an organizational meeting was held in the Beverly Christian Reformed Church in Wyoming, Mich., a constitution was approved, and officers elected.
The goal set for this ministry was to focus in studying God’s word, enjoy Christian fun and fellowship, and to learn to be a witness in the world.
The name Calvinettes was chosen as a catchy title for the ministry, which was changed to GEMS in 1995.