Gastroenteritis outbreak in Special Care Unit

Press Release

Riverside Health Care in conjunction with the Northwestern Health Unit has declared a gastroenteritis outbreak in the Special Care Unit (SCU) at Rainycrest Long Term Care.

This outbreak does not affect activities or visitors in the East or West Units of the home. At this time, only activities in the SCU have been cancelled.

SCU visitors are restricted to family members and caregivers, and are asked to restrict their SCU visits to the resident’s room only, and refrain from visiting in common areas or with other residents while in the SCU.

The health unit is urging people to stay at home and refrain from visiting the home when feeling unwell to avoid spreading infections to those most vulnerable: young infants and children, the elderly and those with other chronic illnesses.

The public is reminded to prevent getting and spreading infections by:

  • Washing hands often, for at least 15 seconds with soap and warm water or by using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer; and
  • Staying at home if sick, to avoid spreading infections to others.

The Outbreak Management Team at Rainycrest will continue to monitor the situation.