Four new fires reported

The Fort Frances, Red Lake, and Thunder Bay fire management headquarters responded to reports of four new fires in the West Fire Region yesterday.
FireRangers as well as air-attack, including CL-415 waterbombers, responded to action the blazes.
There currently is a total of three active fires in the region, including two in Thunder Bay District and one in Fort Frances District, near Big Grassy.
The fire hazard is “high” in all districts.
Strong winds and dry weather are continuing to dry the forests of Northwestern Ontario, significantly increasing the fire hazard.
Carelessness with outdoor fires can destroy buildings and threaten lives. Use extra caution with any outdoor fire.
Specific hours apply to brush and grass burning, and safe burning regulations must be followed for all outdoor fires.
Contact your nearest fire management headquarters or local municipality for burning regulations in your area.
To report a wildfire in Northwestern Ontario, call 1-888-284-FIRE (3473).