Four new fires over weekend


There were four new forest fires confirmed yesterday in the region.

Fort Frances fire #11 was located near Calm Lake, but has been declared out at 0.1 hectares in size.

Sioux Lookout fire #29 is being observed at 0.7 ha. and is located near Petownikip Lake, approximately 57 kilometres west of Weagamow First Nation.

Thunder Bay fire #14 is being held at 0.1 ha. and is located near Antler Lake, approximately 15 km northwest of Upsala.

Red Lake fire #47 has been declared out at 0.1 ha. and was located on an island on Skookum Bay, approximately 2 km from Red Lake.

There are currently 19 active fires in the region. Four are not under control, one fire is being held, five fires are under control, and nine fires are being observed.

Red Lake fire #23 is eight km south of the community of Keewaywin. This fire is currently 71,993 ha. in size.

The incident management team is established in Sandy Lake First Nation.

Fire Ranger crews have been placing sprinklers around the community.

Aerial ignition has been utilised to direct the fire towards natural boundaries such as lakes or rivers.

Helicopters with buckets are dropping water on the fire to reduce the fire behaviour.

Smoke drift from forest fires in the Red Lake district and Manitoba was visible this weekend across the southern portion of the Northwest Region.

The forest fire hazard is predominantly high to extreme across the region.