Foundation board not expected to change

FORT FRANCES—The Riverside Foundation for Health Care board of directors won’t see any new faces on it in the next year as no election has been slated for its annual meeting this coming Tuesday.
“Our board is staying the same,” Foundation director Teresa Hazel said.
“We have four members whose terms are up but who want to stay on the board for another three years,” she added, noting no one else has stepped forward to be a new member.
These board members include chair Tammy Kellar, vice-chair Wendy Judson, Dr. Steve Chown, and Irene Meades.
“Of course, I can’t say who will be chair and vice-chair right now,” Hazel remarked. “We determine that at our first meeting after the annual meeting—the first meeting of the ‘new’ board.”
The rest of the Foundation board includes Joan Allison, Audrey Anderson, Larry Cousineau, Brigitta McGreevy, Rod McLeod, John McTaggart, and Riverside CEO Wayne Woods.
Other business at Tuesday night’s meeting will include the approval of the 2001 annual meeting minutes, an annual report from Kellar, a financial report from BDO Dunwoody, and the appointment of auditors.
The meeting will start at 7 p.m. in the second-floor boardroom at La Verendrye Hospital. While the public is welcome to attend, Hazel said the meeting is expected to be brief.
“We’re competing with ‘Prairie Oyster’ that night [at the Townshend Theatre],” she laughed. “I promised the board members we would be out of there by 7:15 p.m.”