Footprint dam tender awarded

The Ministry of Natural Resources has chosen a company to start construction of the new dam on Footprint Lake.
Saras Enterprises Ltd. of Winnipeg was awarded the contract late yesterday afternoon and will begin construction of the dam shortly after June 15 due to fish spawning.
Some out-of-water work may start before that date, the MNR said.
As of today, no contract had been signed. Saras confirmed there’s been a verbal agreement on the tender from the MNR, but is awaiting the signing of a contract before commenting.
The project is estimated to cost $1.346 million.
The Footprint dam is one of two in the area which the MNR did environmental assessments on.
It was decided—after extensive public consultation—that the dam would be completely replaced rather than fixed or removed permanently.
The second dam at Esox Lake, in the Manitou River watershed north of Rainy Lake, still is being evaluated.
The options for that dam are similar, including entirely removing it to return to the natural hydrology of the watershed.