Flood claims almost $4 million

Close to $4 million worth of local flood damage has already been reported to the Ontario Disaster Relief Office with less than two weeks remaining before the claims deadline.
As of Thursday the disaster office received 362 claims with damages totaling $3,970,000, office manager Ian Mollett said this morning.
“It looks like we are probably going to have between 400 and 500 claims but that isn’t a surprise,” he noted.
Homeowners, businesses and farmers have until Aug. 15 to file an official claim with the disaster relief office which located 400-B Scott Street.
With the deadline looming Mollett estimates claims could reach $5 million, which is what he had expected when the claims process began.
“We were surprised by the impact on houses particularly in the Pinewood and Atikokan areas which will require major repairs or replacement,” he said.
The adjusters have been hired and for the past week have been appraising houses and businesses in the hardest hit areas.
“People there are in alternative accommodations or living in their homes which need excessive repair,” Mollett explained.
Mollett had anticipated that the appraisal process for the entire district would take six months but now he is hoping to have it complete four months from now.
“If anybody has had any flood damage and haven’t made contact with our office do so before the August 15 deadline,” Mollett urged.
To contact the Ontario Disaster Relief Office call 274-4700 or 866-282-9992 or fax information to 274-3800.