Five-star service comes to Emo

A familiar Emo landmark for the last 40 years is back in business again under new management.
West End Emo, formerly known as Emo Sales and Service, officially opened its doors Feb. 4 and now is in full swing once again.
The dealership had been purchased by West End Motors in Fort Frances and closed for renovations until the first week of the month.
Customers will notice some differences on the outside, but the real changes are inside.
Gone is the old sign and in its place a new one, as well as some new products. For the first time, for instance, Emo residents can purchase the entire Daimler-Chrysler line there, including Jeeps.
Despite all the renovations, the same familiar faces are still on staff.
“We’ve kept all the staff, except for one guy who has moved out of town,” general manager Rod Newman said during a tour of the premises last Thursday.
“We haven’t changed too much,” he added. “We want to become part of the Emo community, not bring Fort Frances here.”
But Newman did bring one important item from the Fort—the coveted Chrysler five-star rating.
“We’re offering five-star service. It’s a first for this dealership,” he noted, adding the rating must be renewed every three months. If the franchise fails to measure up, it will be rescinded by Chrysler.
Although the building is the same and most of the previous staff are still there, there have been substantial changes inside.
“We’ve totally renovated the place,” Newman said. “We’ve brought the electrical service up to 200 amps [from 100 amps] and we’ve painted every square inch.”
There have been other changes, too. The workshop has a brand new concrete floor, there is a new furnace, and new lighting in the showroom.
Other spaces that previously had been cold storage for tires have been insulated and now are working spaces.
In addition, new metal shelving has replaced the old wooden ones that had been there almost from the time the shop first opened in 1964.
And there are more changes in the offing. Newman said the roof needs replacing, which will be taken care of as soon as the warm weather arrives.
But regular customers still will find things pretty much the way they were when Fred Klug ran the dealership.
“Hopefully, it will be as good, or maybe a little better, than before,” Newman said.