FITS asks for help with insurance

The Fun in the Sun committee has asked the Town of Fort Frances to cover the July 1 events under its insurance policy, but whether the town will be able to help them remains to be seen.
In a letter council received at its meeting Monday night, FITS chair Paul Bock reported the committee’s insurance costs for July 1 last year was $5,400—a large sum for a self-sufficient group that has seen its fundraising, mostly Bingos, dwindle in recent years.
“We would obviously rather be bringing more activities to the town’s people rather than paying insurance premiums with the money raised, and were wondering if we could be named specifically in the town’s insurance policy as far as the fireworks and other agreed upon events,” wrote Bock.
He added this would be a way for the town to help the committee without being “forced to outlay any large amount of cash.”
“If we could be named as an ‘additionally insured’ on the town policy, it would allow us to continue with the festival if we are creative with fundraising,” Bock remarked.
“We believe the festival to be a very worthwhile community event and will do everything to keep it alive,” he stressed. “However, we sure could use some help.
“We would certainly be willing to talk to council about this problem.”
Bock noted the town used to contribute $5,000 to the event up until about 10 years ago.
But Fort Frances CAO Mark McCaig said Information Technology manager Darryl Allan has investigated the matter with the town’s insurers, and found out the town cannot cover FITS under its insurance because the celebration is not specifically a municipal event.
But Allan assured McCaig that “further avenues of assistance with their [FITS] insurance needs are being actively pursued.”
“Darryl Allan has bumped some things off the insurance people. Maybe there’s some additional riders we can put on,” McCaig added.
“Keeping in mind it is July 1 we’re talking about here, we’re gong to try and expedite this,” said McCaig. “The answer right now, right off the bat, is ‘no.’ But we’re looking into some other avenues.”
“Because July 1 is around the corner, the process will be expedited the best it can,” echoed Mayor Onichuk.
“Hopefully, we’ll be able to help the Fun in the Sun folks out,” said Coun. Todd Hamilton.