Fishing divisions streamlined

The Ontario government has streamlined the number of fishing divisions across Ontario to better protect and enhance the quality of our recreational fisheries, Natural Resources minister David Ramsay announced last Thursday.
“We are working with stakeholders and the public to ensure we have healthy, sustainable fish populations and a healthier natural environment for Ontarians,” said Ramsay.
“We have developed new fisheries management zones to address concerns about the health of our fisheries and to ensure they continue to be part of Ontario’s rich biodiversity,” he added.
The ministry has reduced the number of fisheries zones from 37 to 20. The new fisheries management zones are based primarily on ecological and social criteria rather than on geography alone or on an individual lake basis.
The new zones also will make it easier for anglers to understand fishing regulations.
New recreational fishing regulations, such as provisions regarding species, seasons, and limits, now must be developed.
Information on the proposed regulations will be available on the ministry’s website.
The public will be invited to comment on the proposed regulations in early 2006 via the Environmental Bills of Rights Registry.
The province will be enhancing public involvement and participation in fisheries management as part of this initiative.
These changes are scheduled to take effect Jan. 1, 2007.