First cattle sale a success

Kim Jo Bliss
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The first cattle sale of the season for the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association was very successful on Saturday.
We sold 1,338 head (and one horse) for $1,616,042.45 at the sales barn in Stratton.
This included cull cows (cows that no longer are producing), cull bulls, yearlings (calves that were born last spring), fall calves (those that were born last fall), breeding bulls, and cow/calf pairs.
We made some changes to this sale which seemed to go over quite well. For instance, we started the sale earlier in hopes of getting things finished earlier.
We also installed a new LED scoreboard out back for our staff to help with ensuring cattle are penned properly.
In the past, they relied on “hollering” over the loud noise or cattle bawling.
They found it very helpful and already have found a place that they would appreciate another scoreboard.
Two barn cameras also were installed. One is displaying the sale into the lunch room and it is allowing us to record our sale.
The other has been installed in the loading/unloading area, where we are recording, as well.
We went back and viewed it twice-once to be sure we had the right number of head from one producer coming in while the other time was when loading out.
These cameras are going to be a huge help for us. And they are a great back-up tool!
The cattle evenly were split up again, with some heading east and the others west. We had a few local buyers, as well.
Some of the local buying involved animals they planned to introduce into their herd as breeding stock. Others will just feed and finish for beef.
The quality of cattle was outstanding on Saturday, with some great-looking groups of cattle. Because we have had such great weather, the cattle were clean and had some great hair on them.
Although we rely on many volunteers and staff to run our sales barn, we really are fortunate to have James Gibson as our sales barn manager. He is well-liked and very respected.
Gibson works hard to get out and talk to producers, and invites them to bring their cattle to our barn. He listens carefully to his staff and always finds a way to make everyone happy.
We are very fortunate that he said “yes” to taking on this position. It mostly is a thank-less job but for those of us who get to work with him, we see that he’s a real asset to our barn.
As you likely know, we will have producer cheques out next week (we cannot pay until all the money is in). It is unfortunate that it works this way, but with only operating four or five sales a year, this is the way we have to run it.
Thanks again to everyone who was a part of a great cattle sale and we look forward to our next sale slated for Aug. 26.
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