Fire threat calm


As orientation and training continues for MNR FireRangers and support staff across the region, as well as work on setting up remote fuel caches and making sure all equipment resources are ready, the fire situation remains fairly calm in the West Fire Region.
No new fires were reported in the West Fire Region yesterday, and only one fire is still active.
Dryden Fire #13, a human-caused blaze classified as “under control” at 0.2 hectares in size, will be monitored until declared “out.”
This fire was first confirmed back on April 23.
Warmer, drier weather is forecast for the West Fire Region in the coming days, but the forest fire hazard is “low” across the region and minimal fire behaviour is expected from new fires, the MNR said.
The regoion has seen a total of 167 fires so far this season, consuming a total of 562.3 ha.
Meanwhile, as previously reported, the MNR lifted its restricted fire zone over the region last Friday.
At that time, the Fort Frances Fire & Rescue Service also resumed issuing burning permits to local residents, noted Fire Chief Gerry Armstrong, adding he is certain La Vallee Township also has done so.
It’s likely other district municipalities have followed suit, he added.
Chief Armstrong reminded that anyone who wants to do any burning must contact their respective municipality before doing so.
The Fort Frances Fire & Rescue Service, and all other municipal fire departments in Rainy River District, had declared a ban on all open-air burning in late March until conditions improved.