Fire scene still quiet


A small fire in Nipigon District yesterday was the lone blaze reported in the otherwise quiet North West Region, the Ministry of Natural Resources said.
However, the fire hazard is listed as “moderate” across the region, with a total of 35 active fires affecting 464,138 hectares of forest.
Some 28 of these fires are being monitored, five are “under control,” and two are “being held.”
The fires that are being observed have shown no fire activity or smokes, and are posing no concerns.
Recon flights are scheduled regularly to maintain a close watch.
In related news, the large volume of equipment has now been retrieved from the multiple fire locations and is being processed at the Provincial Logistics Centre in Thunder Bay.
Some gear remains to come in from the smaller fires that have taken place in the last month.
A fair workload is anticipated over the fall and winter months ahead with replacement purchasing and repair as a result of the equipment that was worn out or destroyed on fires.
Meanwhile, the Pagami fire in northeastern Minnesota is now 59 percent contained, with the size remaining the same at 93,459 acres.
The Superior National Forest reduced the closure area surrounding the fire, with some areas to the north and west of the fire having been opened for access.