Fire risk dampened

the MNR

Yesterday was a quiet day on the fire scene across Northwestern Ontario.
Partly cloudy skies and scattered showers over the last 24 hours have kept the forest fire hazard at “moderate,” with a slightly higher fire hazard along the north shore of Lake Superior stretching east from Thunder Bay to Terrace Bay.
There is potential for forest fuels to sustain a fire at this time caused by the lightning we have received lately.
No new fires confirmed by the end of the day yesterday but there are 13 active blazes in the region.
Only one of these fires is receiving suppression; the remaining 12 are being monitored in far north locations.
Nipigon Fire #51, southwest of Fort Hope, is reported as “being held” at 4.0 hectares.
Caused by lightning, no problems have been encountered with this fire, which also has received some rainfall in the last 24 hours.
The monitored fires in the region continue to burn in their isolated and remote locations.
The public is invited to call the West Fire Region’s information hotline (1-888-258-8842) for general inquiries on the smoky conditions, as well as for updates on the fire hazards.
People should call 310-FIRE (3473) if they believe there is a fire nearby.