Fire hazard on rise

the MNR

Although there was a brief respite in the fire hazard following rain at the beginning of the week, the effects of that are wearing off.
As such, the fire hazard is now “high to extreme” in the northwest sectors of the region and along the north shore of Lake Superior.
It is “moderate to high” elsewhere.
This warming trend is forecast to continue into the weekend.
No new fires were reported in the Northwest Region yesterday, but one new fire was reported in Red Lake District on Wednesday.
Located in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, this lightning-caused blaze required air attack.
But it responded well and now is classified as “being held” at 0.9 hectares in size.
There currently are 22 active fires, including 10 in Nipigon District, one in Red Lake District, 10 in Sioux Lookout District, and one in Thunder Bay District.
The bulk of the fires are reported as “smouldering” and progress is ongoing.
Infrared scanning is being conducted on some fires to locate hidden hot spots to extinguish.