Fire hazard on rise

From the MNRF

Five new fires were confirmed in the Northwest Region by yesterday evening in the districts of Nipigon, Red Lake, and Sioux Lookout.
The forest fire hazard is forecast to be “moderate” to “high” in most parts of the region–and rising in the coming days.
In related news, Ontario continues to deploy fire management resources to assist with the forest fire situation in British Columbia.
There currently are 537 staff supporting B.C. in its fire management efforts.
Ontario plans to deploy about 20 more personnel later this week.
Meanwhile, 140 Ontario personnel from the first wave of resources the province provided to B.C. in mid-July are expected to return home by the end of this week.
At the request of the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Center, Ontario invited members of the Great Lakes Forest Fire Compact (GLFFC) to help create multinational fire crews.
The GLFFC is made up of three states (Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin) and two provincial natural resources agencies in Ontario and Manitoba.
A total of 27 U.S. firefighters will be joining Ontario crews in deployment to B.C. to create sustained action crews.
The U.S. firefighters arrived in Dryden on Tuesday and then headed to B.C. yesterday.
Ontario also has provided B.C. with firefighting equipment, including 10,000 lengths of fire hose, two structural protection units, and more than 200 pump kits.