Fire hazard now ‘low’ across region


Cooler temperatures and cloud cover, coupled with moderate amounts of precipitation, have contributed to less fire starts and quiet fire behaviour across the region, the Ministry of Natural Resources reported.
The fire hazard is “low” right across the Northwest Region.
A weather system has moved into the region, bringing cloud cover and heavy rainfall to maintain the current hazard status quo.
There have been no new fires since the weekend, although 42 active fires currently are burning in the Northwest Region, affecting 483,980.5 hectares of forest.
The only fires in Fort Frances District include nine blazes in Quetico Provincial Park, only one of which is listed as “not under control.”
Similar weather conditions were experienced south of the border in Minnesota, bringing needed precipitation to the forest canopy.
The Pagami Creek forest fire, for instance, remained relatively the same size at 93,898 acres and showed minimal fire activity.
The fire is now 23 percent contained but evacuation areas remain closed to seasonal residents and the public.
Ontario Air Attack has set up quick strikes with a waterbomber and Bird Dog, and is being utilized by Minnesota.
As well, 16 FireRangers are assisting suppression efforts on the Pagami Creek blaze.