Fire hazard ‘high’ in some areas

The fire hazard is listed as “moderate to high” in the Fort Frances District, with pockets in around town, as well as in the Caliper Lake and Mine Centre areas, reaching “high to extreme,” the Ministry of Natural Resources reported Tuesday morning.
But whether that means a rather quiet fire season will heat up anytime soon remains to be seen, said MNR fire operations supervisor Harrold Boven.
“In the short-term, meaning today and tomorrow [Wednesday], there’s a 60-75 percent chance of thunderstorms. After that, we’ll be getting a bit of cooler temperatures,” he noted, adding it then looks like the weather will heat up to more seasonal levels next week.
“It’s hard to say. A lot depends on the amount of rain we get,” Boven remarked. “It’s a dry pocket in our area. We’re watching it. I guess we’ll see what happens in the next couple of days.
“The showers will lower the hazard, but it could keep drying up.”
Fort Frances District has had 24 fires so far this season, consuming a total of 1,244.5 ha.
The most recent fire that local crews responded to was a 0.3-ha, lightning-caused blaze on Aronson Lake. It was reported Sunday, and crews were done at the scene around 9 a.m. yesterday.
There’s just one fire currently burning in Fort Frances District—on an island in Quetico Provincial Park.
That four-ha blaze, dubbed Fort Frances Fire #16 and which started about two weeks ago, is being allowed to burn because it is threatening no land values and actually is “getting rid of undesirable trees” and “creating a seed bed,” said Boven.
Meanwhile, the fire situation has been relatively quiet elsewhere in the West Fire Region. Dryden District has had 10 fires to date, consuming just 1.1. ha altogether.
There are no fires burning there right now.
Kenora District has had one new fire in the past 24 hours, but it has since been declared “out.” The area has had a total of 15 fires to date, consuming 4.8 ha.
Nipigon District has had a total of 17 fires to date, burning a total of 6.6 ha, while Red Lake District has seen 18, which have consumed 14.5 ha overall.
There are no active fires in either district.
There’s been a total of 15 fires in Sioux Lookout District since April 1, burning a total of 12 ha. There are five active ones, including two which started in the past 24 hours, currently covering a total of 4.1 ha.
And in Thunder Bay District, there was one new fire in the past 24 hours, making for a total of 30 so far this season charring 18.9 ha.
This latter blaze has since been declared “out.”
The West Fire Region has seen a total of 129 fires to date, consuming 1,302.8 ha altogether (the bulk of which stemmed from one fire north of Rainy River back in the spring).