Few fires burning in region

Nipigon Fire #33, a 0.5-hectare blaze about 50 km northeast of the town of Nipigon, was the only new fire reported in the West Fire Region over the past 24 hours.
FireRangers and waterbombers responded to the blaze.
Meanwhile, Ministry of Natural Resources FireRanger crews currently are working to extinguish two other active fires in Northwestern Ontario.
Sioux Lookout Fire #25 was confirmed just before 7 p.m. on Tuesday, and FireRangers continue to work on bringing this four-ha. blaze “under control.”
The only other active fire in the region is Nipigon Fire #20, which erupted on June 20. This fire is now classified as “under control” at 13,623.5 ha in size.
The West Fire Region has seen a total of 117 fires since April 1, consuming a total of 13,741.5 ha.
Fort Frances District has seen a total of six fires, charring 8.7 ha altogether.
In related news, a restricted fire zone was imposed in most of Northeastern Ontario yesterday.
While the fire hazard is “high” to “extreme” in the seven districts of the West Fire Region, there currently are no restricted fire zones in place here. But the MNR is asking for the public’s help in ensuring no forest fires start as a result of carelessness with fire.
Keep all campfires small, never leave them unattended, and ensure they are dead out before leaving the site. Consider using a portable gas stove instead of lighting a fire.
To report a forest fire in Northwestern Ontario, call 1-888-284-3473.